Oh hey!

Hey, I’m Nerrisa and welcome to my shiny new curated space, The Edit.

I’ll start with a question...

Have you ever looked at Pinterest and thought, ‘Yeah, I could make that’? Well then this one is for you because this is the exact thing that runs through my head 3-7 times a day.

You see, my personal approach to craft is being inspired by pretty much everything around me, from projects like sewing, crochet and of course needlepoint, everything I make with my two hands is influenced by the world around me. I’ve also been know to dabble with a power tool or 5 and I truly believe that with enough patience and just a sprinkle of audacity, as a creative, my superpower is that I can literally create my dream life.

No matter if it’s my home, my wardrobe or anything else in between, I find nothing more satisfying than being able to say ‘thanks, I made it’.

Back in 2020, one of my crafty whims was a little known stitch called ‘Bargello’ and like with every craft, I made it my entire personality for a period of time, but some might say I crafted to close to the sun. From writing a book to appearing on national tv, to say I packed a lot into the 3 years I ran the business is kind of an understatement.

Whilst I was still very much crafting for fun in my spare time, Bargello ended up becoming ‘work’ and so between this and a tough year mentally, my stitches were few and far between and dare I say it, I began to begrudge Bargello. I decided in June 2023 that I wanted to close the business as it was and refresh it into something more creatively fulfilling for both me and my customers. After making the announcement, clearing through thousands of tapestry wools, I was ready to bring the world my crafty truth and so I guess...here we are.

So what is The Edit you ask? Well, it’s exactly that. It’s the evolution of my brand, a curated edit of everything I love about being a maker. Sustainably sourced projects and supplies for both you and your craft room that have been thoughtfully sourced and curated by me, Nerrisa. (Oh hi!) If you’ve ever seen my social media content and fancied giving it a go well guess what, now you can because I’ll be embracing my crafty hyper fixations and working with my neurospicy brain instead of against it.

From on-trend projects produced in small batches to luxury, hard to find craft materials, supplies and design this space is all about helping to elevate the making experience.

Expect original designs, kits and supplies as well as products from your favourite craft suppliers and independent designers. Inspiration for busting that stash (no judgement) and most importantly a creative outlet we can both enjoy together.

Got a project in mind or just want to chat? Get in touch!